Strange Attractors is a Book About Extraterrestrial Sexuality

A new book is contemplating how extraterrestrials may reproduce. It aims to explore how sexuality might have evolved on other planets and does so with some interesting illustrations and video. How do you think alien sexuality might manifest itself?
Strange Attractors is a joint effort between Encyclopedia Destructica and the federally funded Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality (which is a thing that exists) that intends to explore the variety of ways in which alien species might reproduce. The project is planned to be a series of short films, images and written descriptions that fall somewhere between speculative science, sexual thought-experiment, mockumentary and plain old weird-looking stuff. Where the idea behind this project originated I cannot claim to know, but the fact that it even exists makes me want to believe in aliens.

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Does this beg the question. After all, do other living creatures necessarily have to reproduce sexually. What if they - like a plant - can have a seedling cut from them that grows into another being. Or what if like the Phoenix they are reborn from their ashes. It seems presumptuous to assume the entire universe is of a male/female construct. Maybe creatures come to be as their super-imposition state collapses upon being seen by a "lover". Basically, "extraterrestrial sexuality" takes a lot of things for granted.
Heck. What is "life" anyway.
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