This Tweet from @shawngold was turned into a Twaggie by political cartoonist Mike Luckovich. Multitasking skills are often self-overestimated. Link

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First off, as a woman, I don't take it as offensive when someone makes a joke about women being bad drivers or gossipy. We need to learn to laugh at ourselves and not take things so seriously.

Second, there have been studies focusing on the differences between the male and female brain. While men are capable of multitasking, in general, women tend to have an easier time at it. Men also are simply not wired to listen to 2 things at once, while women can carry several verbal conversations at the same time. This is not sexism, this is science. Women tend to not be as good of drivers because of the low level of testosterone in the brain and bloodstream makes their visio-spacial understanding less precise than men.
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Wow Abby..... dunno what the hell you just read b/c uhm, this isn't sexist. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something, SHEESH.

Anywho, hilarious illustration and so so true.
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