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In one comment thread this week, several people said our link format is very confusing. Now, I don't know if they were trolling or what, since that's the first time I heard that particular complaint, but I want to remind you that anytime you have trouble accessing or navigating around Neatorama, we want to know about it. Also, if you have opinions or suggestions about the site as a whole, you are welcome to leave those comments right here. Of course, "this sucks" counts as an opinion, but it isn't very useful to us in our quest to make Neatorama a pleasant experience for the greatest number of readers. But if you care about making the site better and have an idea of what we can do, let us know! And we will work to bring you neat and interesting things, like these exclusive articles from the past week:

Adrienne Crezo brought us Science Sides with Captain Obvious: Unsurprising Study Results this past Wednesday.

Eddie Deezen contributed a post about his favorite comic strip with Charlie Brown and Snoopy: A Brief History.

The Ancient and Modern Ecology of Execution was reprinted from the Annals of Improbable Research.

We learned about the Soviet lunar program in The Secret Race to the Moon, courtesy of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

From mental_floss magazine, we heard of some Great Moments in Presidential Debt.

Congratulations to the winners of the Decipher the Doodle Contest at NeatoBambino! For everyone else, there will be another chance soon.

Once you are caught up on the main site, we have a lot of other offerings! Always keep up with NeatoBambino. Read some fresh new literature on our newest sub-blog Bit Lit. Soothe your eyes at the Neatorama Art Blog. Check out past articles on all kinds of subjects at The Best of Neatorama. Join in the discussions at our Facebook page. And be sure to follow Neatorama on Twitter!

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Hmm, yes. The word Link at the end of the post should ALWAYS take you to the source article and nowhere else. I will have to check everyone's posts to make sure that is so.
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Ah, yes. The "link" problem. I never complained about it before although I suppose I should have.

What's my complaint? Here goes:

I come to your site and I see a picture and a brief article 'teaser' to get me to want to read or see more about it. Fine. Now I have to make a choice. How to get to the entire article? If I click on the photo it usually just takes me to a blank page with the photo in the upper left hand corner. BUT not always... hmmm

That's not what I wanted.

Oh, here's highlighted "link". Sometimes I'll click on that and it sends me off on a wild goose chase to some other site where I have to scroll around and look at a lot of stuff I'm not interested in looking at. Sometimes I can't even find the article!

Sometimes theres a link's name like "crabbyappleton" and I can click on that and take my chances. 50-50 I never know what to click on to actually see the article. Makes me feel stupid and frustrated.

How about an actual link that will take me to the article and ONLY the article? A link that I can depend on and know that I will get to see what I'm clicking on to?

Maybe just have a name for it, like: "neatolink" and I will know that I will see the article I'm clicking on and not have to click on everything highlighted on your neatorama page's article teaser to try to find what I'm looking for.

One choice/link to get there. No guessing. Neato!
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