The World's Largest Burger

It seems every few years someone has topped this record again, but if you think hamburgers are an American specialty, then you'll be happy to know the U.S. reclaimed the title from the Canadians recently. The burger is 777 pounds and contains 590 pounds of beef. Obesity epidemic, eat your heart out...wait.


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I was actually at the Alameda County Fair when they cooked it. You had to donate a dollar (or more) to the local foodbank in order to try the burger. There was still half of it left because they thought it would be cooked by 5 or 6 and it wasn't done until 8 or 9 so people with small children had probably left the fair by then.

This stunt was probably a bit wasteful but I personally think no amount of internet snark is going to ever stop people from all parts of the world from trying to break records so if you ever have an opportunity to eat the worlds largest something you might as well do it.

Oh and in case you are wondering the burger tasted more like so so meatloaf than a burger and the bun was quite dense and gross.
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it's true, i could have very well interpreted what the article said regarding just under half being consumed to qualify incorrectly. still, it would be nice if articles like this at least explained where any of the leftovers went...otherwise these kinds of stunts kinda reinforce the stereotype that Americans are fast food-obsessed fatties.

i still stand by my statement that stunts like these seem to have no real redeeming qualities. i guess they're not quite as bad as the "eat a 5lb steak in an hour and it's free!" type restaurant contests: with stuff like that, they're not legally allowed to donate any leftovers for health reasons (and the thought of trying to polish off several pounds of food in a relatively short amount of time just sounds super-nauseating, no matter what kind of food it is!)
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I've read before that world-record food accomplishments like this quite often are donated to charity, but on the subject of starving kids in Africa, there is no shortage of food sent to Africa. The problem is not supply, but distribution; all too often charitable donations are hijacked by Janjaweed or other pseudo-militia crapweasels to be sold on the black market.

Anyway, I don't think this big ol'burger would be in very good shape by the time it was shipped to Africa.
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