Women Withhold Sex To Get Road Fixed

If you are like me and have to drive over countless potholes to get to work each morning then you can appreciate the position some women in South America are taking to get road work done. They have decided to withhold sex from their partners until a rough road is fixed by the government. Perhaps this will form of protest will catch on in other countries?
Their ultimate hope is that lack of sex will force their menfolk to lobby the government to work on the rough road that connects the town to the rest of the country. (The government's been promising to repair the road for twenty years.) Because a few days of sexual starvation is a surefire way to prompt political action, right? According to Lucelly Del Carmen Viveros, the human-rights coordinator in Barbacoas:

"These women, and all of the rest of us in this town, are fed up with the empty promises from the central government. This is the only road connecting Barbacoas to the rest of the state and the country, and it's in despicable condition."


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Would this tactic not also inspire their husbands to cheat? And when is the line drawn on this kind of thing? If the withholding sex tactic works in this case, is it going to become the go-to tactic when these women want anything done?

It's kind of sad to think of the outcry or perhaps complete indifference that we'd see if men tried to use this tactic on women.
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This is utterly ridiculous. To use sex in this way cheapens and degrades it as well as the relationship behind it. If it destroys a relationship by cheating or whatever else the women only have themselves to blame.
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