High Tech Beer Dispenser

I always have trouble pouring a beer without getting a large foamy head. So for you beer lovers out there who have this problem there is a new high tech beverage dispenser that will help you pour a clean glass every time.
At first, the core idea of this unique beverage dispenser might seem crazy: You use cups that have a hole in the bottom. But around the hole is a metallic ring on the cup. A round, bendable magnet - exactly like a refrigerator magnet and about the size of a silver dollar (which they claim is too big to accidentally swallow) - covers the hole. You place the cup over one of the valves, which pushes the magnet up. That causes beer to shoot up into cup until it's filled, and the valve automatically shuts off. When you pull the cup off, the magnet seals the hole with no leakage.


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Well any new innovation is first looked at with suspicion and then there is a gradual acceptance of it. As for me, I would say, this dispenser sounds like a great idea for people who want to do away with the foamy bit of the beer, this dispenser is an answer to their prayers. I honestly love the idea of the refrigerator magnet and a silver dollar that will prevent the beer from spilling over. It may be a little messy, but as long as you do not shift the mug before it is filled over, the cup is a useful substitute!
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Awesome, create an "improved" object which requires more complicated recycling techinques and uses more resources to produce. Even though the original object works perfectly well once the user is given 3 minutess of simple training.

Perfect timing for the era that we live in...
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Great news for beer seller to introduce technology in their shop.It's really awesome.It's really unique idea and make big revolution in beverage industry.thanks for sharing with such interesting thing.
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