Is This Really the Script to a Ferris Bueller Sequel?

The blog Stuck in the '80s says it is. I had to double-check the date on the post just to make sure it wasn't an old April Fool's joke just now making the Internet rounds, but no - Steve Spears says Ferris Bueller 2: Another Day Off is the real deal. It seems Ferris has made a mint on motivational speaking, but wealth isn't making him happy. What he needs is - yep, you guessed it - another day off.

Screenwriter Rick Rapier has been trying to sell his screenplay for the past few years, but says in the past few months "Big name production companies that have first-look production deals with Paramount are reading the script," meaning Ferris Part Two could feasibly see the light of day. Some blogs seem to think Rapier is, um, exaggerating slightly about the Hollywood insider interest in the movie.

What do you think??

Link via AV Club

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I think this same type of thing happened with The Goonies. I read a bit of the screenplay for Goonies 2 about 10 years ago that somehow got leaked. I don't know if it was the real deal or not, but obviously nothing ever came of it. I get the feeling this Ferris Bueller 2 idea is going to end up the same way. Nothing will come of it.
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I'm one of the few fans of John Hughes that was actually non-plussed by FBDO, and to me, a sequel in this day and age is quite repulsive. Maybe they should combine it with Hangover 3: Ferris Bueller's Hangover.
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