North Korea One of The Happiest Places on Earth

North Korea may be one of the happiest places on Earth… according to a study by North Korea. Guess who is last? That’s right, the "American Empire." However you know the study was fair and balanced since they didn't rank themselves first on the list. They gave the title of Worlds Happiest Place on Earth to China.
Korea's Chosun Central Television recently came out with a happiness index compiled by local researchers. Their findings? China is the happiest place on the planet, earning 100 points (a perfect score!). At number two is none other than North Korea itself. Cuba, Iran and Venezuela (in that order) round out the top five.


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From my experience, Ted, people in the third world are not ignorant of what they don't have, but many are more appreciative of what they do have. Friends, family, those are all more valuable than fancy cars and big houses.
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If you think of it, in an affluent society, there are many have-nots, and many haves who wish to have more. Materialism is never satisfied. In a society where people have free communication and the chance to acquire things, people may not consider themselves happy if they haven't reached that goal yet.

People living a third-world existence may be too ignorant of what could be, to dare to dream about anything more, so they settle for what they have. Also, they're too afraid to show their unhappiness.
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I can't come up with any more snarky comments. Millions of people are being robbed of food and starving to death so some megalomaniac can drink cognac, be driven around in limousines, and shoot missiles at civilians. I'm sure this is a great comfort to those lying in the dirt dying for the lack of food they grew that their Dear Leader's soldiers took from them.
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