Three Albino Raccoons Found

A homeowner in Toronto called a wildlife control company when he saw a unidentified white animal in the garage. Brad Gates of Gates Wildlife Control thought it might be a skunk from the description. The crew found a litter of raccoons -three of them albinos! The kits appeared to be somewhere around six to eight weeks old.
Gates said two albinos were found in the attic; their mother was found taking a "break" from the heat of the attic on the rooftop.

Albino raccoons are uncommon - about one in 500,000, according to Gates' research. Three in one litter - that's extremely rare.

"I think you take that (statistic) and it's exponential as to the odds of that happening," said Gates.

His company has only encountered two cases of albino raccoons in its 27-year history, and each time it was only one in the litter.

The litter was put in a box on the roof, where the mother raccoon can retrieve them. Link -via Arbroath

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At the linked article, it says there are four raccoons in the litter. And they did not exterminate them, but put them on the roof so the mother could find and take them somewhere else.
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Awww, poor little raccoons. Looked like the albino ones had poorer eyesight than their regular colored sibling. Hope they'll be ok back out in the wild.
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