Bees Solve Complex Problems Faster Than Supercomputers

Those damn dirty bees! A new study shows that bees have move advanced learning capabilities than other animals.
In a new study, researchers report that bumblebees were able to figure out the most efficient routes among several computer-controlled "flowers," quickly solving a complex problem that even stumps supercomputers.


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Nature is the source of all intelligence. That which happens in the brain to create our sense of individualized self and "human intelligence", is an extension and reflection of nature's intelligence.
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No wonder they're being attacked. . . . and their demise is due to Monsanto and their monstrous chemicals unleashed on the world. . and of course, there's radiation from all those bloody cell phone towers. .
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While I do find this fascinating, and I am extremely intrigued by studies of swarm intelligence and the extent to which a hive can be considered a single intelligent organism, the title really should be "Bees solve (a simple case of) a complex problem faster than supercomputers (solve a much more complicated case".
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"Bees Solve Complex Problems Faster Than Supercomputers"
That headline is incorrect.
The bees only had to solve the problem with 4 flowers.
A supercomputers can solve that problem before the bee has flapped its wings once. Supercomputers get bogged down when the problem involves thousands of stops. There is no evidence that bees find the optimum solution in real world situations.

Still, bees are amazing creatures. I love to watch them work.
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