Brave Woman Teases Wild Cheetahs


Marlice Van Der Merwe is a Namibian conservationist who really knows how to stick her neck out for her job. This video footage at the link shows her wandering through a Cheetah filled field with nothing but a motor bike and a stick as the wild animals hiss and growl at her. Link

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cheetahs are so built for speed that they are feather weights. No question a human would win, one on one. There was more than one cheetah, of course, but they just aren't wired with a pack mentality, so they don't expect help.
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Cheetahs are not fighters; they run first and ask questions later. The Ancient Egyptians used to keep them as pets.

But they are the only wild cats you could pull this crap with.

It's funny to see so many of them in the same place; on many nature shows, the most you see in 1 group is about 3; or a mom and her 3 babies.

Marlice seems to know exactly what she's doing; to face them, not run, appear big and look them right in the eye; but I'm not sure I would want a cat so closely associating my hands with food.
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