Amazing Stick Balancing Act

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I'm having trouble finding any information about this video. It appears to show a performer balancing sticks, one on top of another, without dropping a single one. At the very end, he must balance the entire assembly on one remaining, upright stick. How does he do it?

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The sticks are curved, meaning that the center of gravity of every stick is below the point of contact with the other stick, giving it stability.
It's like carrying your groceries in a bag. It cannot turn upside down on it's own.
The difference here is that the point of contact is very small and low friction (slipping) had to be resolved.
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absolute correct brand and ernest, hence the removal of the smallest stick at the end of the performance causes the entire structure to collapse. Illusion? yes. Reproducable? Yes, would take longer to make the fronds then to perform it. Memorable? Yes, if you don't understand basic physics or have not seen a tight rope walker.
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