Women Find Men with Long Ring Fingers Attractive

The length of a man's ring finger has been tied to success at financial trading, and its length in relation to the index finger is an indicator of exposure to testosterone in utero. Now a recent study suggests that men with long ring fingers are more likely to be considered attractive by women. Camille Ferdenzi of the University of Geneva explained:

"The aim was to understand what makes a man attractive," and whether at least some of those qualities "were in part conditioned by the foetal environment," Ferdenzi said in an interview.

For the visual test, the results were unambiguous. "The longer the ring finger compared to the index -- that is, the greater the exposure to testosterone -- the more attractive the face was rated," she said by phone.

Link via Glenn Reynolds | Photo by Flickr user marysecasol.com used under Creative Commons license

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I find this particularly interesting, because my husband is missing the part of the third and ring fingers on his left hand due to a childhood accident, and I don't believe it's ever consciously affected how I'm attracted to him. I'll have to look at his right hand and observe whether I get a thrill. :)
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1) If you think that women want 1 specific thing. Meditate on the weather in Florida. Because similarly, women's minds will also in about 15 minutes. :P

2) The same gene that controls for digit length in both fingers and toes is also responsible for the growth of the male's Schwanzstucker.

3) I'm not surprised at the results of this study. I caught one girl staring at me wedding tackle for about 10 seconds straight; -which is a freaking Eternity in the middle of a public place with a good number of ppl around.
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I thought it was supposed to be if the ring-finger is as long as, or longer, than the index finger. And that was supposed to be an indication of how genetically endowed a man was. Further evidence that neither sex cares what the other thinks or has to say, but basis their attractivity on trivialities.

In another study they found, when tracking eye-movements, that women spend more time looking at genitals than men do:

"Men spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at female faces. NC Women had more first looks towards, spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at genitals. OC Women spent more time, and had a higher probability of, looking at contextual regions of pictures, those featuring clothing or background." - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17362952
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