A Cat's Aspiration

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Everyone has dreams. This cat dreams of being a cosmonaut. If he'd read yesterday's post on that same subject, he might not have been so ambitious. This is an ad for a Russian lottery. -via The Daily What

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Saying that I don't like ads makes me a whiner?
I am not allowed to go on the internet if I block ads with my internet browser?

Those are the only conclusions I can draw from your comment.

If that's what you wanted to say I'm afraid it may be too late for you; you have been zombified.
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PS: I don't have a TV and I don't buy magazines and I have ad blocking for my browser, so there is still stuff I can actually buy without feeling like a doll manipulated by advertising strings. ;)

(How people can still watch TV is beyond me. And if they cut off my internet I'll go back to books, I used to read 5 books a week before I got online.)
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The only way to make sure you are not just buying certain stuff because you happen to have seen some stupid ad is by deliberately NOT buying stuff if you remember seeing ads for it, which is what I do (if there is choice).
Before you say: but you'll be missing out on good stuff: it does not make a single difference. Most of the time you are actually saving money.
This does not take care of the stuff you do not remember seeing ads for, but what can you do.
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