A World Map of Video Game Villains

Complex made an chart of where the bad guys in video games come from. They used a sampling of 20 games from the last 10 years to determine which countries have the most bad guys (according to video game developers, anyway). Topping the list? Russia.
With Homefront out this week predicting how a unified Korea might just turn the U.S. into an occupied nation, it became clear to us how international relations can affect the gaming industry. Gone are the days of all FPSes being either World War II or sci-fi; in the new milennium, developers are on the hunt for enemies that are speculative but still plausible. Either they're rooted in real-life global hotspots (this spring's SOCOM 4 takes place around the shipping lanes of Southeast Asia), or they bring favorite punching bags into the future. Whether it's mercenaries, guerillas, or just insane despots, gamers find themselves fighting against enemies the world over—so we rounded up 20 shooters from the past 10 years and plotted who exactly developers are singling out. Say hi to the bad guy!

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We see the me results from movies and television. It's because the vast majority of TV shows, movies and video games are made inside the continental United States and therefor reflect American prejudices. Now they will be making more games and such that have arabic villains. Detroit, Michigan based Resistence Records produced Ethnic Cleansing after 9/11 which allows participants to repeatedly kill non-caucasian villains. The founder was Canadian, reflecting similar ethnic prejudices north of the border. "Muslim Massacre" is another such video game. Video games made in other countries tend to have heros and villains of the same ethnicity. Final Fantasy is usually all ostensibly Japanese villains.
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