A Better To-Do List Tattoo

Photo: robstephaustralia [Flickr]

Remember the to-do list tattoo (that's actually more like a notepad tattoo) we featured before on the blog? Well, Neatoramanaut Stephanie shared her own version here. She said:

I've got a to do list tattoo and I love it. It's actually really useful. I figure that as long as I'm getting tattoos, I might as well have one that's functional!

Reading Neatorama is curiously absent, but perhaps its so obvious that it doesn't need jottin' down :)Thanks Stephanie!

Update 3/22/11: Ah, that's better now. Thanks Stephanie! :)

Photo: robstephaustralia [Flickr]

BTW, Stephanie said: "Tattoo by the wonderful Lelia at The Needle's Kiss in Townsville, QLD"

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@Spinafex: That's very very true. I could've. But what's the fun in that?! I actually have been writing reminders on my arms and hands for YEARS. That and continually losing/forgetting my lists written on paper are the two main reasons I wanted the lines in the first place.
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heh. "If only they'd mentioned it in basic training, instead of climbing up and down ropes and crawling on your elbows through tunnels, if only just ONCE they'd said gazpacho soup is served cold, I could have been an Admiral by now!" - Red Dwarf, Me2 (Season 1, Episode 6)
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