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American movies are often re-titled for foreign audiences. In this quiz, you'll be given a foreign title of a US movie, translated into English. Can you guess what movie it was in the US? It's a multiple-choice question, so it shouldn't be too hard. After all, I haven't even seen the vast majority of these movies, yet I scored 27 out of 30 by taking time to think about each question. Bonus: if you take the quiz again, the questions will be different. -via mental_floss

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Nice. I got 30 points.
Just one thing. Some of these movies are american at all. So we are trying to match an english translated title to ... an english translated title.
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ZombieFan, Neatorama has nothing to do with that, except some people work at both places. Yeah, the mental floss quizzes here are on hold because of hacker attacks. There's a big clean=up operation going on at mental_floss, and they are making some progress, but we haven't heard the all-clear just yet.
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Did Mental Floss/Neatorama get the unwelcome installs of
"Spyware Protection" worked out?? I reported this a while back and haven't seen any Mental Floss quizzes as of late. Is it safe? Is it safe?
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