Teddy Roosevelt vs. Bigfoot

deviantART user SharpWriter is fond of depicting scenes from American history, such as Abraham Lincoln riding a grizzly bear while wielding a M-16 and the Emancipation Proclamation. That's January 1, 1863, just in case you are curious. One of his more recent works is this image from Teddy Roosevelt's first full term in office. You know -- when he killed Bigfoot. One nitpick: in the actual historical event, Roosevelt used a Krag-Jørgensen. Link via Geekosystem

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No, the gun's a M60 pig, carried one long enough to recognize it. Teddy would have settled bigfoot's hash with bare knuckles. Genocidical Racism besides, he started the US Park service and so is the greatest US President ever.
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I think Bigfoot has a chance. Most of Teddy's shots are missing.

The gun is a Browning Automatic Rifle, designed for WW1, Teddy could have fired it before his death in 1919.

I'd like to see a painting of William Henry Harrison's triumphant presidency...
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Teddy was such a piece of crap. Read the book "Imperial Cruise" even if you think the author overstates his case, the undeniable fact is that Roosevelt was a genocidal racist maniac.

Why doesn't this artist glorify a non-megalomaniacal president like Washington, Jefferson, or Harding?
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teddy was too good of a hunter to use an automatic weapon and too much of a nature lover to let the trees burn down. This is wrong, WRONG I TELL YOU!!
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