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Teddy Roosevelt: Mojo in the Dojo

(Image credit: Winslow Taft)President Theodore Roosevelt not only practiced judo in the White House, he a...  ...cious sweeping hip throw, by the way.) Of course, Roosevelt wasn't exactly shy about his hobby. He lined the... behavior from the 26th president? Absolutely. Teddy...
Riots, Guns, Bribes: Teddy Roosevelt’s Contested Convention

Some are expecting a free-for-all at the Republica...  ...the 1912 Republican convention. Former president Teddy Roosevelt challenged incumbent president Howard Taft for th...  ...disturbed. But on the eve of the 1912 convention, Roosevelt told his nephew that his supporters were prepared...  ...anish American W...
Teddy Roosevelt: 90-pound Weakling?

This Presidents Day article is from the book Uncle...  ...endous energy and physical activity as president, Teddy Roosevelt might have been the original 90-pound weakling wh... who spent his youth merely fighting to breath. Teddy Roosevelt may have never had sand kicked in his face at the...  ...rced to...
How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football

After 18 players died on the field, the president...  ...have one towering supporter on its side, though: Teddy Roosevelt , a Harvard grad whom Eliot had once called &ldquo...  ...whom Eliot had once called “feeble.” Roosevelt espoused “muscular Christianity,” a..., partially d...
Theodore Roosevelt’s Life-Saving Speech

John Flammang Schrank is not as well-known a name...  ...ain on a third-party ticket in 1912. And Theodore Roosevelt survived being shot in the chest. In fact, you ar...  ...are probably more familiar with the story of how Roosevelt gave his intended hour-long speech before going t...  ...a very long speech, but...
Teddy Roosevelt's Diary the Day His Wife Died

Teddy was just 25 when his first wife, Alice, died of B...  ...Her name was also Alice, but because it reminded Teddy
Teddy Roosevelt vs. Bigfoot

deviantART user SharpWriter is fond of depicting...  ...One of his more recent works is this image from Teddy Roosevelt 's first full term in office. You know -- when he...  ...ot. One nitpick: in the actual historical event, Roosevelt
Three Presidential Tragedies (Other Than Assassinations)...

When we think about presidential tragedies, we mos...  ...e earned the right to be a bit eccentric?Theodore Roosevelt As outgoing and charismatic as Teddy was, you’d never guess that he was suppress...  ...that he was suppressing deep sorrow, but he was. Teddy met the lov...
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