Nun Tossed Out Over Facebook

Sister Maria Jesus Galan was asked to leave the Santo Domingo el Real convent in Toledo, Spain, where she had lived for 35 years -over her Facebook activities. The Dominican convent, which normally discourages nuns from dealing with the outside world, first allowed a computer in ten years ago, and Sister Maria put it to work.
Sister Maria saw the future that this computer offered. She digitized the Dominican convent's archives. The computer also offered more mundane assistance.

"It enabled us do things such as banking online and saved us having to make trips into the city," she told the Telegraph.

The local government even gave her a prize for her digital initiatives. Oh, but with the prize came the fame. She began to collect more friends on her Facebook page. It seems, though, that this made her enemies within her own walls.

Her fellow nuns reportedly claimed that Sister Maria's Facebook activity "made life impossible." She was therefore asked to leave and now lives with her mother.

At the time, Sister Maria had 600 Facebook friends. Her profile page shows 1700 friends now, and her fan page has over 8,000 supporters. Link -via J-Walk Blog

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As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a rc priest, I am appalled that perpetrators remain in ministry ~ and are merely transferred when allegations surface so that more girls and boys can be sexually abused ~ but "transgressions" such as FB posts lead to dismissals is beyond me.

Quit the cult! And stop donating! Your donations go to lawyers (plural!) who try to make victims' lives miserable for years and years and years.

Remember, we did nothing wrong. And remember, sexual abuse is not only a *sin* but a CRIME. Suggest you stop aiding and abetting. Support the victims who have suffered and continue to suffer. Please.
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It's true, the Catholic church has become a bit of a whipping boy lately. However, the secretive and destructive way that church leaders dealt with decades of documented and systematic sexual abuse of children leaves me without much sympathy. For every childhood ruined, perhaps the Catholic church can just deal with 100 years of negative internet comments.
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Some of you have a huge chip on your shoulder about the Catholic church... Wow. I know, I know, all those Catholics have just RIUNED your lives. I know.
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