Bus Drives Through Waterfall

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So, a river blocks a bus route in Nicaragua. Does that stop the driver? No. He's going straight through.

via The Presurfer

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@ Mad Molecule-No. That is a "chicken bus". Central and South America are where old school busses go to die. Here in the US many school busses are not allowed to operate after a certain amount of mileage is on them. Many end up "south of the border" where they continue life as a form of public transportation.
Wiki "chicken bus" to learn more.
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@ Larfin Jackarse - that little window on the drivers side is not going to do much of anything in the event the bus goes over.  It is a slider type window and very small. Opposite of that the other side there is the service door, which is only locked by a small latch that can be flipped open by a thumb. The windows on school busses are made to be able to be kicked out, in the event of an emergency, and other means of egress are not available.
So if that bus went over, the first thing that would happen would be the roof might crumple, but not too much because there is some support. then the windows would probably bust out if it was to roll over and it was hit by rocks, branches, people..etc... Closing the window is pointless.

You can drive a school bus through water. A "safe" limit would be if the water is not moving faster that 8 ft a second, and the water level is no higher than 2feet. I put safe in quotes, because you really cannot gauge the speed of the water. IMO trying to traverse a flooded roadway, when you cannot see what is under the water, is just dangerous.

The two guys on top are spotters. The driver did not go across completely "blind".  You can see the two individuals in the second video, on the roof of the bus that was waiting to cross  the opposite direction. 

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