7 Magic Cards Based on People Who Play Magic

Actually, all of these cards by Owen Parsons could apply to gamers in general and not just people who play Magic: The Gathering. One nitpicking point: the gaming store employee depicted in these cards is unrealistically skinny.

Link via Nerd Bastards

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Holy crap, that came out wrong. lemme rephrase...I am a female who once worked in a gaming/comic store.

I am and have always been a woman. Very much so. And am currently pregnant. I blame my mis-type on my tired and hormone-addled brain.

Okay, I think I need a spoon to dig myself out of this hole....
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True story: I played Magic only once, with a very drunken man trying to explain the rules to me as we went along. To complicate the situation, his drunken wife (in full Renaissance Faire costume) would come in and bend over the table from time to time, hoisting her skirt and insisting that he spank her bare behind.

So yeah, I can see why the game is so popular.
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Going to have to show this to my husband when he gets home from work. I never got in to the game, but he used to play it all the time when he was younger. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of this :D
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I actually played a game with a guy who flipped the table over when he lost. Really was a pain because we now had to sort out all of our decks that were scattered on the floor. The flip side of this guy was he was the biggest gloater in the world when he won and he usually won, although sometimes it was with using less than reputable tactics like tapping 4 islands but then casting a spell requiring 6 blue mana and then hoping no one would notice. He claimed it was part of the game. He said it was all legal if he could get away with it.

Now, they need a card on there for the player who thinks he knows what he is doing but in reality his tactics are far too complicated and layered to possibly work against any kind of straight forward plan. That was me. I had one deck that I could get infinite mana. However, I had to get like 6 different cards in play to make it happen. By the time I got half of them there I was wiped out by a weenie horde.
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