Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Sure, an ordinary toilet seat can withstand most, uh, loads. But if you need a toilet seat that can really take punishment without breaking, try this one made out of 550,000 psi tensile carbon fiber.

Link via Jalopnik | Photo: Carbon Fiber Gear

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@lewis82: how would that make sense?

What I do know having had lots of people over to my place over the years is that the one thing I've had to replace was the seat, not the toilet. I guess it also has to do with my toilet not really having been visited by anyone whose weight would be a danger for it. I always reckoned they'd break my lounge chairs before they broke the toilet bowl. However - and my point being - is that within the last 10 years I've had to shell out roughly 150 Euro on new seats, seeing how some drunk (yes, my friends and even I get drunk sometimes), ill (in the medical sense), exasperated, etc. person slams it up and down, others wobble on it, et al...

The screws are metal, the surfaces are plastic, polymer, multi-pley (dunno if you have this in the new continent, even though I lived there about half my life).. What happens if metal grinds against any of them? In due time, they give way...

Carbon wouldn't... And at 270 it's, over time, not even that expensive...

Logic behind the idea (which I, of course, also see as somewhat abstruse) revealed?
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I used to know a guy who was a plumber that worked in downtown Toronto. He said there was great money in repairing and installing toilets in the clubs around Church & Wellesley area. Seats are the cheap part, but it's the unit itself that can't sustain more weight then it's supposed to. Most of them are porcelain too, and that stuff leaves some nasty jagged angles when it breaks, so I think the seats should be secondary in concern.
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