Life-Size Monopoly House

Toronto-based Taiwanese Artist An Te Liu made this house. It's 2009 work called Title Deed and is located in Willowdale, Ontario. (Google Translate) via Make | Artist's Website | Photo by the artist

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nick and edughi. Don't worry about the first comment. If you try to validate the Monopoly house by assigning an artistic value, you won't. It ain't no Michelangelo.

All the "thought-provoking" fluff invalidates your point more than just being silent and enjoying it. After all, it is a shed that somebody painted all one colour. Not exactly earth-shattering.
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Re: 1.

So, you make no unnecessary expenses in your life and donate all of your spare time and money to helping others? You've never bought a meal that wasn't a little more than the bare minimum standard of food your body needs, clothing beyond the most meager rags? There are all kinds of wastes of money in the world, but this one *does* benefit other people- it is thought provoking. Maybe not in a photo on a blog, but I'm sure in real life this would be striking.

In the game, the piece represents a financial investment that may or may not pay off, a risk, a hope. In life, it is still a large investment, of land, of material, of time, but while in the game the house may generate rent, this house is rendered useless as a symbol.

I don't think its too far of a stretch to imagine that it opens questions about the ownership of property and of land (an abstract notion that isn't known to all cultures), or to the number of houses rendered useless by the mortgage crisis.
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Just think of the number of meals he could have bought for a needy family with money spent on paint. Imagine the good he could have done if he took this time to volunteer at a homeless shelter.

really dude? this argument again?
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