Neatolicious Fun Facts: Wii

1. Nintendo set out to replace their Game Cube in competition with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. They developed a game system with something new and exciting: a wireless controller that works by motion sensor. Instead of pushing buttons, players can move their bodies as if they were in the game, making it a "virtual sports" controller. The sensors detect both movement and acceleration along three axes, which gives the system six parameters with which to measure the movements of the player.

2. While in development, the Wii was code named Revolution, but it wasn't a secret. It changed to Wii on April 27, 2006. The name was chosen because it is short, simple to pronounce in many languages, and needs no abbreviation. The spelling We was considered first, but Wii was more distinctive.

3. Wii sales were launched in November 2006 in the US and December 2006 in the UK. The timing was either a brilliant marketing scheme or a planning disaster, as Christmas demand led to shortages in both countries. The shortage continued through 2007. Many began to suspect that Nintendo was orchestrating artificial demand for the product. For four holiday seasons (so far), there have not been enough Wii systems in all areas.

4. When the Wii was new, there was incident after incident of broken TVs and monitors caused by flung Wii remotes. Windows and household glassware were also victims. Nintendo urged people to use the strap to secure the remote to their wrists while playing games. The website Wii Have A Problem sprung up to document the damage caused by Wii remotes that "got out of hand", so to speak.

5. Pink and blue Wii remotes were launched for Valentines Day 2010. Sure, it was a gimmick gift, but individual color-coded remotes are handy for families with more than one child, in order to keep track of not only scores, but who lost/damaged the equipment. Remotes now come in quite a few colors, or you can get colored covers for existing remotes.

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