15 Manly Motorcycles for the Manly Man

Image: Michael Drabikowski - via Bike EXIF

I can't even ride a scooter, but I certainly can appreciate this nifty gallery of 15 manly motorcycles for the manly man over at Cool Material. This one above is the Robb Handcrafted Cycles Harley:

There are only really two types of motorcycle custom shops in the world – the ones that customize Harleys and the ones that do it wrong. What do you get when you cross the engine from a 67 Harley, Ducati forks, and carbon fiber? Perfection in motorcycle form. Australian builder god Dylan Robb built this bike over an eight month period in his shed with almost no tools. In our opinion, it’s more impressive than building a suit of armor in a cave from a box of scraps – and not just because it’s real.


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Yeah, Vincents were great just so long as you didn't need to go round any bends. BITD a Vincent was considered just as effete as most plastic rockets are these days. It was a rich poseurs motorcycle just like that MV is today.
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First rule for a manly man, is to think for yourself, and not listen to makers of "cool" lists.

Roll up on that Magpull Ronin, and and try look cool. Ha! wear earplugs so you don't hear the laughter.

My advice, if you want a custom bike, make it yourself. You get far more respect for being a maker than a drone.

Or just get yourself an old-school-cool bike, like a Vincent Black Lightning '52

Oh. And a Harley? Overweight, like most of its riders. Bwahahahaaaa.
Sorry, Harley Riders. Nice tassels....
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Something that the author of that piece needs to learn.

Some bikes just make you look gay. Not of course that there's anything wrong with being gay, but like a gay friend of mine said "the last thing I want to look like is a middle aged queer." A production cruiser or anything that resembles one? Gay. So that Rocket III? Gay.

Anything covered in plastic makes you look like you're going through a mid life crisis. It's just like driving some hi-tech japenese car such a Nissan GTR or Mitsubishi Evo. Or, of course, anything with a Porsche badge. The prime example on this list: MV Augusta.

A real man's bike must be simple. It needn't be fast, complex or expensive - although being any of those things doesn't necessarily preclude a bike from being manly. The one important thing about a manly bike is that it shouldn't major on image. It's a matter of cool. Cool people are cool because they don't care what other people think. If you're a real man you're cool, it's part of the package. So any of those bikes that major on image are not for the real man.

The odd thing is that sometimes you have to spend a lot of money to avoid image. Just look at that Deus. It's just a basic, straight forward, old fashioned cafe racer. Cool. Manly. Period.
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another load of crap, written by someone who knows nothing of motorcycles...perhaps "Flo" from Progressive compiled this blech. "Torques"????
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