Mooning Statue Irks Austrian Town

A statue recently installed on the German bordertown of Simbach is causing a stirr in the neighboring town of Braunau, Austria.

Why? Because the statue is of a naked man riding a giant fish, symbolizing the personification of the Inn River, which marks the border between Germany and Austria. That's all fine and good, except Braunau noticed that the naked man is "mooning" their town!

Deputy Mayor Helmut Bogner, said: "This creature has his butt straight in our face. We, the people of Braunau, don't appreciate this gesture and we want it moved."

And the statue's name? "Aenus" the Latin name for the River (suuuuuree!): Link [translated from German, with larger photo] | Ananova article

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In NYC, across the street from the Plaza Hotel, there is an ornate statue of some war hero, riding his trusty stallion into history.

The problem, however, was that some horse's *sses (no pun intended), staying at the Plaza, objected to the fact that the horse's butt faced them.

The statue was reversed, at great expense, about 30 years ago.
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Oh please!

I mean, this thing is known as "Moon Over Homewood". That's how I did the search to get this link. :)

Here is a more current picture:
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