What does the USDA Organic label really mean?

Our friend Michael Tapp just finished a couple new vids about organic food. Ever wonder what that USDA seal really means? Check out his vid above for the skinny.

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...except that when you use natural (but still poisonous) pesticides, you have to use up to 7 times more to achieve the same level of effectiveness.
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In the battle of synthetic vs natural, is there really a good side and a bad side? It's all the same in the end. A pesticide is a pesticide.
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Well duh, of course growing your own stuff tastes better. It's fresh. I don't organic garden. I spra pesticide on my stuff and ue synthetic ferts. My veggies still taste yummy!

Anywho... if people want to waste their money on the organic stuff. Whatever. I'll be happy with my cheaper options that taste exactly the same.
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Growing one's own vegetables always tastes better than buying it at the supermarket - it doesn't have to be organic gardening.

Food in the supermarket is from massive producers who use the hardiest cultivars, not the tastiest, harvest them early so they are ripe when they get to you and ship them incredible distances. Growing your own means you have tasty cultivars, harvested when ripe and served shortly after harvesting.

As for organic being better for you:
1. See Penn and Teller's Bullshit about that.
2. Some studies have shown that organic vegetables have higher levels of *natural* pesticides in them. Some commercially available organic vegetables have pest-deterring chemical levels approaching human toxicity.
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