How Workplace Design Can Make a Happier Workforce

Many different ways to create a happier workforce, but I find this one works quite well.

When I was in university, I used to absolutely love studying and writing papers. Wait! Before you throw me into the nerd dumpster, hear me out. Okay, the actual work involved with cramming mind-numbing textbook information into my head, or making sure every sentence I typed was properly referenced, quoted, footnoted and endnoted was extremely tedious indeed. But, as endless as some of those homework nights seemed to be, I was genuinely happy to be there. The reason? I had inadvertently constructed a workplace so comfortable, so conducive to both concentration and creativity, that I thoroughly enjoyed hibernating there for hours on end. I say inadvertently, because back then I was relatively clueless when it came to workplace mood-enhancement techniques, and it was only years later that I discovered the value in the things I did.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Nightcrawlerx.

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"workplace mood-enhancement techniques"


Talk about ping ponging back and forth from the blatantly obvious to the patently stupid.

Only thing left out was some Feng Shui nonsense.
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"How Workplace Design Can Make a Happier Workforce"

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