Zombiewood Weekly by Rob Sacchetto

Zombie portrait artist Rob Sacchetto (featured previously on Neatorama) has just released a paparazzi-inspired collection of celebrities. Undead celebrities, that is.

Rob's book Zombiewood Weekly: The Celebrity Dead Exposed is a clever parody of the tabloids that feed on America's undying love for celebrities. The descriptions are a hoot to read - they're almost as good as gawking at the rotting flesh of the zomblebrities.

Here are a few examples:

And just for you Mac Fanboys, here's the I'm a Pc vs. I'm a Mac parody:

Links: Zombie Daily | Zombiewood Weekly on Amazon | Kindle | Zombie Portraits

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I think that it's an awesome idea,otherwise I wouldn't have put in the hundreds of hours illustrating it. Also,I don't think that we've even come close to exploring the great and cool ways that we can interpret these unsung heroes of the horror world. And speaking of dead horses,what about cookbooks?
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Heh - it's not a dead horse. It is a zombie horse. LOL
Don't worry though, some of us "zombies" are tired of all the publicity and wish that maybe Ghouls would be given a chance to have their moment.

While I have not followed through with my threat to find every zombie and bacon related article for the Upcoming Queue, becuause I did not win the iPad, it is nice to see that someone is doing my dirty work.
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@Pimo That's an interesting site! Though as a representative of the publisher, I promise you that our book is not in any way based on the French site you mention. We got the idea because our favorite sections of his first book were the ones that featured celebrities.

Rob Sacchetto makes zombie portraits for a living, thus he too has a site with daily zombie updates. Find it at http://www.zombiedaily.com/
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