Truly Elite Shoppers Avoid Logos

A study to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research indicates that high-end fashion items have inconspicuous labels and logos because that's what elite shoppers prefer.
Rather than rely on obvious logos, expensive products use more discreet markers, such as distinctive design or detailing. High-end consumers prefer markers of status that are not decipherable by the mainstream. These signal group identity only to others with the connoisseurship to recognize their insider standing.

Insiders avoid logos “in identity-relevant domains to distinguish themselves from mainstream consumers who buy such products to show they’ve made it.”

Link.  Pictured at left: $4,000 jeans with subtle  diamond rivets.

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@Shan Shortcut; That's exactly what this is talking about , those people aren't "truly elite".

Either way, I find it sad anyone would connect their own self worth to material objects. It all falls apart eventually. Character is lasting.
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I buy a good portion of my clothes off of Etsy. I get custom tailored, hand crafted clothing in styles that the mainstream market hasn't even stolen...I mean imagined yet.

Hmm, mass produced,made in china with designer label slapped on, shirt for $200? Or unique, single person crafted, unique shirt that is cutting edge of trendy for $40?

Gee tough one.
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Really? Any elite shopper I have ever run into goes gaga over the labels. All they care about is who the designer is, bla bla bla...

Damn, screw labels ;D
[note: I am bitter because I can't afford $4000 jeans]
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