Kora and the Fish that Bit Her

Fourteen-year-old Kora Wira was fishing in Florida with her parents when a barracuda jumped out of the water and bit her arm! The 42-inch fish landed in the boat and was killed by Wira's father. Between docking the boat and driving to the hospital, there was one more chore to be done.
Wira and her dad stopped for a quick picture before jumping in the car and heading to the hospital. Wira said she wasn't in pain at the moment, but she was still creeped out by the fish. Her arm needed 51 stitches, and doctors told her they had never treated a barracuda bite. Her stitches are out now, and she said her arm is healing.

The complete story is a slide show of photographs that include Wira's wounds, which may be disturbing. http://www.fieldandstream.com/photos/gallery/fishing/2010/07/barracuda-jumps-boat-chomps-koral-wiras-arm?photo=0 -via Buzzfeed

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I can't stand the bad rep these guys get. Just because you can see an animal's teeth doesn't mean IT'S GOING TO BITE EVERYTHING. Barracuda attacks are incredibly rare (that's why the doctor had never treated one), and are very often a case of mistaken identity or the result of provocation. This just wasn't Kora's lucky day.
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She looks traumatized in that photo. Her dad is an idiot. When your daughter is seriously injured you don't stand there like a moron taking pictures of your fish while she's standing there terrified and bleeding.
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