Firefighting Motorbike

Someone in Liverpool came up with the brilliant idea of equipping motorcycles with firefighting equipment.
Liverpool is the first city in the UK to roll out two of the £30,000 bikes, which have pumps with a range of 11 metres, in a six-month pilot scheme.  With 50 litres of water and chemical foam on board each specially modified BMW bike, they are capable as a pair of putting out two burning cars in two minutes.

The man in charge of the project added: "We have no intention of using them to replace fire engines.  "Our two biggest work streams are automated fire alarms and anti-social small fires, which is what they will be used for."

It appears to be a very clever idea.  The bikes can navigate through traffic more quickly than full-size equipment, at lower cost and using less manpower.

Link.  Photo: Peter Byrne/PA Wire.

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Mr. Hodges, the original link at The Independent says this about the clothing:

"Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service group manager John McCormack said: "We had to make sure the protective equipment was suitable both for riding a motorbike and also fighting a fire when he gets there. He does not have time to get changed."

I would think they would be the ones to contact. I found this link for them:

Good luck.
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Hello! my name is Chuck Hodges and Im with Dist#2 fire and rescue in moriarty new mexico and we are vwery interested in the fire fighting motorcycle. were looking at getting one for fire and one for emt. we need info as to where to purchase the fire fighters motorcycle suit for riders only? we cant find where to purchase them. any info would be greatly appreciated. Chuck Hodges
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"anti-social small fires" Uh... I don't really understand. Aren't all fires anti-social? Not really but yes, i.e. Towering inferno but not camp fires.

@ Vonskippy "backhanders" Uh... I don't really understand.
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I can only assume "backhander" means something different to you than to me. To me is means either a bribe or a blow using the back of the hand, effectively a reverse slap. I can't see how either of those could work in the context of this story.
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they have used these in trails in the netherlands. They use a special pulse nozle to blanket small fires, with added foam if needed. Enough to put out most car fires.
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