Is a Naked Mannequin Obscene?

Apparently so, according to Beatrice Police Department, who covered up a store window display when the pants on a mannequin inside had fallen down:

Police say they tried to contact the store’s owner, Kevin Kramer, about covering up the mannequin, but were unsuccessful.

Officers then taped paper over the area of the window where the mannequin was, to cover it up.

According to Kramer, officers violated several laws by covering up his store window. The store was not opened for business, as Kramer says he is in the process of moving his store to Lincoln.

“I had a phone call Wednesday from a lady who used to work for me saying there’s paper on the windows covering up the mannequin,” Kramer said. “(The police) have to find something to do, so they go pick on the guy with the naked mannequin.”
Kramer alleges that the officers violated multiple laws, including trespassing, destruction of property and littering.

When Kramer contacted officers about the issue, he claims he was informed to go to the police station, where he would be cited for disorderly conduct. (Photo: Scott Koperski/Daily Sun)

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Has anyone noticed the big gun the mannequin is holding? An automatic rifle as sales pitch for clothes AND the fact that nobody seems to be bothered, now that is obscene and offending. and, of course, the whole perverted victorian prudency thing.
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@ lulu

ITS NOT A NAKED PERSON! Get that through your thick head. You would have an argument if it was a REAL LIVE BREATHING PERSON.

This is the type of crap that makes me really hate the human race. Lets forget about all the problems in this world (to many to list) I just saw a NAKED barbie doll. MY EYES! It has raped my virgin eyes! HOW ohh HOW will I ever go on?
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