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Is a Naked Mannequin Obscene?

Apparently so, according to Beatrice Police Department, who covered up a store window display when the pants on a mannequin inside had fallen down:

Police say they tried to contact the store’s owner, Kevin Kramer, about covering up the mannequin, but were unsuccessful.

Officers then taped paper over the area of the window where the mannequin was, to cover it up.

According to Kramer, officers violated several laws by covering up his store window. The store was not opened for business, as Kramer says he is in the process of moving his store to Lincoln.

“I had a phone call Wednesday from a lady who used to work for me saying there’s paper on the windows covering up the mannequin,” Kramer said. “(The police) have to find something to do, so they go pick on the guy with the naked mannequin.”
Kramer alleges that the officers violated multiple laws, including trespassing, destruction of property and littering.

When Kramer contacted officers about the issue, he claims he was informed to go to the police station, where he would be cited for disorderly conduct. (Photo: Scott Koperski/Daily Sun)

And meanwhile 137 drug deals took place in the area, 7 homes were broken into, and 39 people were driving dangerously while intoxicated.

Yes, the stats are made up. The sentiment is real, though. I can't believe they'd waste their time on this.
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I worked in retail and people would complain if the mannequins were nude. We had to use bags as clothing on them between outfit changes. I took a shirt of one because it was the last size and a lady wanted to try it on and skipped the bag since we were busy. In those 10 min we had 2 complaints. It is mostly little old ladies with nothing better to do making sure things are "proper".
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It's sad enough that the nude human body in an innocent situation is considered obscene. But a fake body with no genitalia?...very very sad.

I'm sure if it were a violent, bloody and gore filled crime scene they'd be fine letting everyone have a look. Priorities are just mess up.
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Oh no, a big barbie doll is nekkid! Whatever shall we do??
I wonder if anyone ever complains about the mannequins they have in the local Belks here. The female ones have HUMONGOUS erect nipples that poke through every single shirt they have on, and they're right smack dab right there at the entrance so you notice it right away.
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Is no one here bothered by undressed mannequins? I am. Just because it's not a real person doesn't mean that it doesn't offend to see them undressed.

If the store is closed, I have no problem. But if the undressed mannequin is on display, it's reasonable to cover it up.

Like the bare-breasted yoghurt ads all over Europe, I don't want to have to see nakedness while I'm out in public places and I don't think that ignoring the children in our midst (who are also seeing it) is socially acceptable.

It's about modesty and what is socially appropriate. Barbie's can also be undressed but they aren't the size of mannequins and they aren't on display in public places.

Now, if you go to a beach in France and are scandalized by all the bare-breasted women, I would say that's life at French beaches, so what can you do? Just ignore it or go to another beach.

But a store window is not a place I want to expect to see anything or anyone undressed, thank you.

I don't like seeing thongs and butt cracks, either. Or triple DDD breasts in plain view at the mall because their owner only had some low-cut, skimpy wife-beater to wear. People have no self-awareness anymore, or no self-respect. Maybe both. And no respect for the people who come across them, for sure.
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I feel that it is a terrible shame that people are so prudish and ashamed of the human body to the point where a mannequin becomes offensive. Nudity is not offensive. People offended by their own bodies or the bodies of others, however, are incredibly offensive and a little bit sad. To find something like a naked mannequin offensive suggests that the person complaining has some serious underlying issues with self esteem, as well as a hyped up and misplaced sense of morality.
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I put a screensaver on a computer for an older lady at work, it included a bunch of famous art photos as a default. Some of those photos included naked cherubs (of course) and the woman freaked out about it. She almost cried saying that she "couldn't have that on her computer".

I've never understood the reaction to a naked body or naked form, no matter how old or fat or skinny or broken down.

I'm not against modesty but I think we should examine why we feel such a disconnect between our perception of ourselves and nakedness.
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who has the time or energy to be bothered by naked mannequins? I mean, as I am dying hopefully many years from now, I doubt I'll look back and be grateful of the time I raised a stink about a large plastic doll that had no clothing.
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@ lulu

ITS NOT A NAKED PERSON! Get that through your thick head. You would have an argument if it was a REAL LIVE BREATHING PERSON.

This is the type of crap that makes me really hate the human race. Lets forget about all the problems in this world (to many to list) I just saw a NAKED barbie doll. MY EYES! It has raped my virgin eyes! HOW ohh HOW will I ever go on?
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Has anyone noticed the big gun the mannequin is holding? An automatic rifle as sales pitch for clothes AND the fact that nobody seems to be bothered, now that is obscene and offending. and, of course, the whole perverted victorian prudency thing.
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