Spirit Airlines: Bringing Luggage on Vacation is "Not Essential"

If you think that airlines are nickle and diming you with fees, that's because they are. Airlines contend that the majority of these fees are for extraneous stuff not essential for travel. Like, for instance, luggage.

Indeed, when questioned by Congress, Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza defended his company's fees:

The head of the nation's most fee-happy airline told Congress today that bringing luggage on vacation was "not essential" to travel and his airline was actually helping the poor fly by charging up to $45 to place a carry-on bag in the overhead bin.

"We are certain that Spirit's decision to unbundle services not essential to the transportation of passengers, has enabled more passengers to fly at lower cost," said Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza. "Indeed given our low fares, it has allowed many to travel who otherwise simply could not afford to do so."


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@032125 - let's carry the logic ad absurdum. If I can hold my pee for the entire duration of the flight, then why I be charged the cost of having a bathroom on the plane? Airplanes should have a pay toilet!
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He's absolutely right. Push past the knee-jerk reaction and move through this logically.

Not everyone flies with luggage, but most rates reflect the expectation that you will. My brother flies all over the country on a regular basis, and often he flies out and back the same day. He's home by the end of the day, and doesn't take luggage. Why should he pay for a service he doesn't use? Why should the cost of your luggage be pushed on to me if I don't need luggage moved? You need it, great; you pay. Not me.

People are looking at one single fee and getting mad, but not the overall savings potential for those who travel light.
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