Boring New England Places Made Awesome by H.P. Lovecraft

In the permalink of Topless Robot awesome list of 6 Boring New England Destinations Made Awesome by H.P. Lovecraft waits:

Providence, RI
Where do we even begin? Lovecraft was born in Providence, spent his entire life there (minus a two-year stint in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY), and painfully died there in 1937. Several of his best-known stories, including "The Call of Cthulhu" and "The Curious Case of Charles Dexter Ward," spotlight Providence locales. It's impossible to accurately surmise how much of an impact Providence had on Lovecraft, but his headstone in the city's Swan Point Cemetery sums up the author's own influence on the city rather modestly: "I AM PROVIDENCE"

But unless you're an art student at Providence's prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, the city may be a bore for you. Criminals seem to like the city, reflected in it high rate of violent crime. Their roads are a mess, the cost of living is way higher than in most parts of the U.S., and for a city with an impressive downtown skyline, there is next to zero nightlife. For nerdy outsiders, we'd rather read about Lovecraft's Providence than actually travel there.


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I am writing this from my office in downtown Providence. I agree that the writer clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. This description fits the old Providence before Buddy Cianci (who was corrupt) revitalized the city. Buddy is out and we have cleaned up nicely. We have a vibrate nightlife and awesome restaurants. You could ride an Italian gondola or have cocktails al fresco. Our main artery is almost completely rebuilt. Providence is a great city to visit by car, which I can’t say for Boston. It’s somewhat small but does have a lot to offer.
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Ummm, yah okay. I am most definitely NOT an art student at RISD. I am a 30-something who loves Providence more than words. There's always something to do, and as a matter of fact every Thursday spend the best $10 for my husband AND I going to Improv at Perishable theater. Oh see, not so expensive is it? One needs to experience Providence, not read about it.
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Well, you have to remember that the violent crime statistics are thrown off by the large number of undocumented crimes committed by fishmen.
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This writer is just pulling Providence figures out of their butt.

"In 2003, of the 239 United States cities with populations over 100,000, Providence's violent crime rate ranked 84th, as compared with New York City at 94th and Boston at 28th.[6]"

Boston is more violent than Providence.

As for nightlife. WTF is this person talking about?

We have Three entertainment papers that are full every week.

Sound like this idiot didn't set foot off of Brown university campus and believed the idiotic propaganda they feed the students here to keep them from partying.
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