Plants Can "Think and Remember"

When it comes to light, scientists have found that plants can "think" and "remember" in ways very similar to our own nervous system:

In their experiment, the scientists showed that light shone on to one leaf caused the whole plant to respond.

And the response, which took the form of light-induced chemical reactions in the leaves, continued in the dark.

This showed, they said, that the plant "remembered" the information encoded in light.

"We shone the light only on the bottom of the plant and we observed changes in the upper part," explained Professor Stanislaw Karpinski from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland, who led this research.


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Once upon a time, before we had developed language, we could 'talk' to plants and animals. The price of our intense focus on humans, our specialization, is that we have lost sight of the periphery. We'll all be just fine. We've just got a little growing up to do. Namaste, my brothers and sisters- human or otherwise.
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Okay, its just one paragraph, so how many of you guys need to make a vegetarian joke? or something like it. nothing in the article even alludes to conscious thought or sensations of pain or emotions in the ways that animals make understand them. Only that plants have developed a functionaliy of memory and response different than that of animals. Not surprising since the plants are living creatures.

But obviously it doesn't have chemical-electrical impulses connected through nerves the way the animal kingdom does. So to all vegetarians, you can still eat food. Don't worry. But i would very much like to see the "fruits" of this research. Possibly even the ability to understand the communication operations of a kind that we are physically unable to replicate. (good news for people who want to make contact with alien-life.)
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we've known plants are "alive" for quite some time, this does not mean they are conscious. they aren't responding to stimuli in any meaningful way, they have just adapted to do so. when's the last time you "thought" about dilating your pupils in response to different light? the words "think" and "remember" are entirely misleading in this article.
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I still don't think plants can think & remember. They can respond to changing patterns, and then start a pattern. And there is a lag before they stop. Thinking has to include some sort of judgment & anticipation of changing conditions. And I'm serious about this, because there might be some sort of evolved manner of communication and reasoning that we don't understand.
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