Nikola Tesla's Life in Under 3 Minutes

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Did you know that Tesla once rubbed two cats together in an attempt to generate electricity or that Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant in an attempt to discredit Tesla's theories?
Tesla earned a spot among the great minds of the early electrical era, but, despite his genius, he ended up ostracized from the science community and died impoverished. Learn more about Tesla’s interesting life in under three minutes with a little help from this clever video.


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I am an electrical engineer by vocation. I can assure you that 99% of electrical motors in use today are in fact 3 phase AC motors. That goes for any electric motor from you electric tooth brush to your subway car.

Tesla's main contribution is 3 phase AC electric systems. Including generator/motor and long range transport systems, pretty much your standard electric grid.

Only things using DC current nowadays are electronic devices. However they still depend on AC power lines.
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I hate how all you Tesla fan boys with no scientific training start swooning over him after watching a documentary on The History Channel.

His contributions to science are far exaggerated, and are rather minimal.

he is famous for being a little eccentric, not for being a great scientist. I mean even this video makes it seem like AC was Tesla's invention, IT WASN'T!

The only contribution Tesla can really claim is the AC electric motor (most electric motors used today are DC anyway), and some minor improvements he made to turbines. These are mere sub-footnotes to the contributions of people like Edison(who was really a jerk, the video got that right).
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Ah, yes. The genius behind Edison and Westinghouse. Yet, I don't ever remember hearing his name in school history class. What a shame. One possible explanation- his name did not end with a "son" or a "house," but with a vowel.
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Nikola Tesla symbolizes a unifying force and inspiration for all nations in the name of peace and science. He was a true visionary far ahead of his contemporaries in the field of scientific development. New York State and many other states in the USA proclaimed July 10, Tesla’s birthday- Nikola Tesla Day.

My only question is why draw everyone with their testicles hanging out?
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Tesla is the man who invented the twentieth century, is a shame he is now almost forgotten, without his contributions we will still living in a steam powered world.
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