I Will Survive: Dancing Auschwitz

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Jane Korman's 89-year-old father Adolek Kohn arrived at Auschwitz in a cattle car over 65 years ago. In 2009, he returned to Auschwitz and other locations in Poland associated with the Holocaust and did a victory dance with his daughter and several of his grandchildren. See parts two and three of this project as well. When Korman first exhibited the videos in Australia, she received quite a bit of criticism:
Many Jewish survivors have reacted gravely to the video, accusing her of disrespect. Yet Korman told Australian daily The Jewish News that “it might be disrespectful, but he [her father] is saying ‘we’re dancing, we should be dancing, we’re celebrating our survival and the generations after me,’ - the generation he’s created. We are affirming our existence.”

What do you think: affirmation or disrespect? -via Buzzfeed and Metafilter

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i'm not here to judge.
but to me is very hard to see the same places
that i know through raw black & white photos,
with rows and rows of suffering people...

anyway, i'm happy for this man, that can still smile.
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Germans tried to exterminate him in their camp in Poland, but they did not succeed. I think he not only may but should celebrate that he survived.
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"taken down by the APRA for copyright infringement"... to watch this video and to first think "hey, they didn't give us money for the usage of this song" - now THAT is truely tasteless, incredibely disgusting and goes for show that an invasion of cold hearted people is not nor was it ever, a thing of the past.
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Adlo(fek)ek you are very stiupid man ,how can sombody dance on masive grave ,disrespectfull ,tasteless ,rude you old stupid man ,and your kids wnnted do make money on this tragedy ,i think if you spend time in Aushwitz,you ware one of them,who trade your life for ander shame on you
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