Cardon Copy: Redesigning The "Lost Cat" Flier

Cardon Webb prowls the streets of Queens, New York, in search of badly made, handwritten fliers and announcements, and "upgrade" them into stylish ones.

Are his redesigned fliers better than the original? Maybe, maybe not in terms of delivering info or advertising, but they're definitely a refreshing exercise in artistic creativity. Take a look: Cardon Copy - via Thinking for a Living

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Many were attractive. Many hurt my eyes. NONE of them actually conveyed information in a useful fashion.

Some used text that was far too small (The Parking Sign is at least 7 foot off the ground. The text is maybe a 14 pt font.). Some overlaid text in colors in fashions that made it unreadable (the maid service poster. The background says $10 an Hour. I figured this out by looking at the original. It just made me go blind). Some were inaccurate (The missing pet posters now all have pictures of animals that aren't representative of the actually animal missing).

I love good design. But some people need to realize there is a fine balance between art and communication. These pieces needed to communicate, not just look pretty.
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It doesn't do the job, looks more like a book cover. I'd be more interested in the more human and less fabricated message. Also the multiple entries at the bottom serve to be torn off for pedestrians who may have seen the cat.
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Many of the designs are lovely, but the readability really suffers on a lot of them, which defeats the purpose of putting a poster up in the first place. The dog one especially has a photo of a different dog and large parts of the text are obscured. Also the cleaning lady one - the hourly rate is almost unreadable.
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