Single-Serving Wine Glasses

It combines the classiness of a bottle of fine wine with the convenience of a drink pouch. James Nash debuted his design on a UK reality TV show in which inventors pitched their ideas:

What's really great is the inventor, James Nash, took his invention to a show on BBC called the Dragon's Den. The show listens to pitches for new inventions and awards funding to inventors it feels show promise. Nash, they felt, had a silly idea and was dismissed. But now his product is selling strongly in the U.K. already, and we can't wait to sample it here.

Link via CrunchGear | Photo: Wine Innovations

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Great concept, PET glass is recyclable, unlike many other inventions. Georges is absolutely right. The real inventor is Pascal Carvin from France. He is the one who started working on this technology about 10 years ago and it allows to preserve wine for up to 12 months. Initially it was not plastic but real glass. James Nash used a yogurt machine, which was modified to package the wine glasses. However nobody expects to have an expiration date of 12 months for yogurt…

A) Maximum shelf life for Italian Job wine in “tulips” from Wine Innovations is 4 months.
B) Wine is extremely poor quality that includes, red and rose as well. Consumers that pay more than 2£ per goblet do not realize that the actual cost of the wine is less than 0.10 £ (I am talking about Italian Job)
C) Italian Job wine is transported from Italy and then packaged in UK by InterContinentalBrands company. Hardly to do anything with James Nash and Wine Innovations besides plastic glass production.

I spent a few days with Pascal last week. Saw the machine and tasted French wines that are packaged in the French PET glass. Technology is real, patents are global, wine is excellent and inventor is real.
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james Nash did not invent the concept, it was already used in france for years, by the company

I tried a white glass of the Froglet and it smelled like rotten eggs
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If this is made with glass and not plastic waste would not be an issue. And there is nothing wrong with wine in a box. It's cheap and convenient and does not taste bad at all.
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I think this would be great for parties. I've had to open whole bottles for people who wanted red wine when everyone else was drinking mixed drinks and beer. I hate dry red wine and never finished off the bottle, think of the waste there.
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