Belarusian Officials Afraid That Elton John Would Convert Concertgoers Into Homosexuals

Belarusian officials have requested tapes of Elton John's past performances before his upcoming concert in Minsk. Their fear? That Elton John would convert concertgoers into homosexuals:

The Public Council for Morality is to study recordings of earlier performances by the British singer to make sure “they have no elements inconsistent with the law and morality,” the head of the organization said.

“We have requested the organizers of the concert to give us records of Elton John’s earlier performances,” he said.

Sexual minorities have become active in the country of late and “even attempted to hold a gay parade in Minsk,” Cherginets said. The attempted parade was broken up by police.

Cherginets said the Council had already prevented outbreaks of “immorality” during a May concert by German industrial metal band Rammstein in the Belarusian capital.

“If we had not interfered, there would have been sex on stage and the relief of physical needs right in front of the audience,” the official said.

Link - via Queerty

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Elton's gonna go all Emperor Palpatine and turn them gay with pink finger lightening.

Gay now.

Sorry Belarus, If they're gay now, they were gay before. Unlike the boogeyman, just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there.
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does a classical concert turn you in a wuss? does paris hilton concert turn you stupid? did a Tupac/Biggie concert turn you violent?

This PCM job must be well paid.
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There's many reasons not to listen to poor old Elton, being afraid of catching "teh gay" is not one of them.

With stupidity like that, I'm amazed our own government have not invited them to work here in the States.
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The sad thing is not that Elton John may not be allowed to sing there, but that people who are trying to live their "immoral" lives in peace are forced to do so in secrecy, fearing for their safety if discovered. But, that happens everywhere.
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