12 Criminally Insane Real-World Medical Professionals

Many people feel nervous when it comes to seeing a doctor. Medical care involves being intensely vulnerable and putting your fate in the hands of, basically, a stranger. Of course nearly all doctors are quite competent, but patients of these 12 medical professionals actually did have something to feel nervous about. Take Dr. Harold "Frank" Shipman:

Dr. Harold “Frank” Shipman was, for a long time, considered a respected practitioner in his community — despite his arrogance. It wasn’t until 1998 that sufficient evidence was gathered to convict Shipman of murdering his patients. Suspicion arose when people started to notice an unusually high mortality rate, as well as cremation forms, among Shipman’s patients. It was discovered that he intentionally overdosed his patients — now victims — and would then sign their death certificates before forging their medical records to make everything appear normal. Shipman was initially found guilty of killing 15 patients by lethal injection of diamorphine, but it was later discovered that his victims numbered upwards of 250 — or more.


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And, lest we forget, Dr "Jolly" West. who decided to shoot up Philadelphia's favorite petting elephant with over 1,000 times the amount of LSD it would take to kill a human, and ... killed the elephant.

The sickest bit was when he had the nerve to ask the city for another elephant...
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Very disturbing. People already don't like going to the hospital :P

And as bad as it is to say, I guess that concentration camp guy figured something out w/ the terrible experiments he did on twins.
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It's still surprising that people are talking about Shipman. It's kinda blown over with much reform in the UK and a few things have changed.

That said, he was my family doctor for a while till I was about 14. And I've gotta say, strangely he always seemed like a professional, nice man.

Definitely a split personality. A Jekyll from Hyde.
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Don't trust someone just because they wear a white lab coat. Frauds, serial killers, zealots, and thieves pray on those that give them their trust too easily.
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Wow, the U.S. Public Health Service. I didn't expect to find that down there at the bottom of the list (though it isn't the first time that I have heard of it). Kudos to the author for including that particularly horrifying episode in American history.
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