Large Hadron Collider Success

Like Miss Cellania earlier posted, scientists today are celebrating the success of the Large Hadron Collider.  CERN scientists were able to collide protons at energy levels never seen before, marking the beginning of a whole new world of physics experimentation. And, again we say, "Yippee No Black Holes."
There was cheering in the control room at CERN, the European nuclear research centre in Switzerland, as one of the biggest and most complicated scientific experiments got fully underway.

The experiment is seen as a major breakthrough in efforts to understand the fundamental nature of the universe.

Link (At the link you can listen to a BBC  interview with Dr Bose from Boston University.)

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Cookin' bacon on a machine gun kicks posterior all over slappin' photons and particles around-gimme stuff that has usefulness.

Oh, sorry. Guess I'm probably almost excited or something. Damnit, a black hole would have been so cool. Lousy scientists messed it all up as usual.

Gonna go cook some bacon.
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Please consider the FACT that science, at best, is an educated guess. Remember how much information has been proven false, it's limited to the knowledge of the moment.
There isn't a person alive right now who knows the real truth about what the after effects could be. There is just limited factual information, no matter what year in history you would be looking at. After all the world is flatyou know. ;)
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whenever i have heard this issue discussed, people on both sides of the discussion seem to have absolutely no knowledge of the important factors whatsoever thereby making their discussion of the subject about as worthwhile as listening to goats try and play trumpets.
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