The 10 Worst Jobs in Science

Scientific jobs can be glamorous and certainly are interesting, but they often a lot of hard work, and possibly gross work. Popular Science has published its annual list of the ten worst jobs in science. One of the less offensive is "armpit detective".
Groups at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia and at Florida International University hope to isolate the compounds that give us each a unique aroma. The problem is that our diet, medications, toiletries and other factors make it difficult to discern natural scent from manufactured odorants. And so, since 1973, George Preti of Monell has collected human odors, recently focusing on the underarm, the mouth and urine.

You won't want to read this while eating. However, as a bonus you'll see what the best job in science is! -via Digg

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I don't know, as an avid biologist, I would find a lot of these fascinating...even things like dung curator or undersea "snot" collector. That feces piper job seemed sketchy and sort of creepy, though. Yeah. Wouldn't do that one.
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"Armpit sniffer" always comes up as an example of bad jobs. But you know that with the millions at stake in the feminine hygiene industry someone has to be testing the efficacy of their products, the only way to be sure being a before and after.
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