Turtle Racing

Imagine a sport where you can finish a drink in the midst of a race of only a few feet. Turtle racing has become a trend in metropolitan bars like Bucky's Grill and Pub in Indianapolis, where the first turtle race was held last month.
Depending on the crowd, four to five of these exciting turtle races are held every Saturday night around 10 p.m. Every drink purchased gets the buyer one raffle ticket. Come race time, the tickets are drawn to see who is assigned as an honorary jockey to each of the six turtles. (The turtles, by the way, have clever names like Salisbury Strutter, Bermusa and Butkus.)

First place gets a T-shirt that reads "My turtle got lucky at Bucky's," and last place gets a complimentary shot. In some cases, coming in last place is probably harder than coming in first.

The only person to actually handle the turtles is a licensed reptile handler. Link -via Buzzfeed

(image credit: Wendy Rose Gould)

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There is no tank that you can buy at a pet store which provides adequate room for an adult red-eared slider (the type of turtles these look to be). What are they going to do with the turtles when they grow up? It would be smarter to use box turtles or Russian tortoises, which need less space and are easier to care for.
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Hey!!! I remember seeing this at Brennan's one spring break...what a awesome idea. Acutally, I remember seeing something similar in Tijuana, MX with a donkey and.....oh wait, not the same thing...
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