Top Ten Spooky Sleep Disorders

There are quite a few things that can go wrong with our sleep cycles, but can anything be more terrifying than "exploding head syndrome"?
This creatively named disorder occurs during the onset of deep sleep, when the person is suddenly startled awake by a sharp, loud noise. These noises range from cymbals crashing to explosives going off. To the person hearing them, the explosions seem to originate either from right next to the person's head or inside the skull itself. There's no pain involved, and no danger, either. Doctors don't know what causes exploding head syndrome, but they do know that it isn't associated with any serious illness.

This is only one of the ten disorders listed. Sleep well tonight! Link -via Digg

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I also suffer from sleep paralysis and hallucinations which they call "incubus attacks." I strongly sense the presence of someone/something in the room and then feel it slowly settling on top of me. I feel the pressure and warmth one would expect from an actual body. The more I panic mentally, the worse the "attack" becomes. I can even feel the hot breath of the thing on my face sometimes. It's SO realistic and absolutley horrified me the first few times it happened. I literally thought there was a demon after me. Now I can concentrate to the point where I can snap myself out of it and wake up. For me, I have to concentrate really hard - it's almost like you have to work to send the message to your body and limbs to move. It's very strange but interesting too. Still, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
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I have periods of insomnia and or sleepparalysis and or exploding head. If I have stressed periods in my daytime life, I can be sure to get at least one of these things. To me the most frightening combination is exploding head and sleepparalysis, because sometimes I really cannot find out what the loud noise was- One has to move to look around and that is impossible. So that gives this nightmarish sensation that something has gone terribly wrong just outside one's view. And that makes that when this has happened some nights on end, I just dare not go to sleep so I keep awake while I'm in bed. Or I awaken in the middle of the night completely freaked out because I believe I just heard this explosion or because I think I'm paralysed- both of which mostly are then not the case.

The oly thing that really helps is to have as much a stressless life as possible with lots of excercise, without the use of chemicals, pills, powders or drugs.
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In sleep paralysis studies, individuals often report a feeling of another presence. I don't know what causes it but it's not uncommon, which may or not be comforting. :) I get that too, like when I think there's people outside my front door, trying to get in.
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I think I have sleep paralysis sometimes. I know that I think I'm dreaming, but I have a feeling like I want to wake up. I can't though, and I try to yell in order to wake up, but I can't. Usually when that happens, I see demons.

I once had a dream that I woke up and got out of bed and was walking around my apartment, but I was getting frustrated because I was looking for the light switch, but couldn't find it. It wasn't there.

At night, I have my blinds closed. Always. One morning, I woke up and they were wide open. I freaked out. It felt like someone had been there while I was asleep and opened them. Everyone said I must have done it while asleep. I don't sleepwalk. That's never happened before and it hasn't happened since.
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I walk in my sleep. One time I woke up in a hotel lobby, and since that point, my husband piles furniture against the door.

I've also woken up, standing in my bedroom, and I had no idea where I was.
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