Cooking With Liquid Nitrogen

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Here is a video of chef Ferran Adria preparing an alcoholic sorbet using liquid nitrogen. This is an experimental food preparation technique also used by American chef and Food Network star Richard Blais, who recommends it as a way of impressing a date:

"You don't need to know any fancy techniques to make a dish with liquid nitrogen. This is the ultimate science-guy-who-wants-to-impress-someone-but-is-fudging-it recipe:

1. Buy your favorite ice cream at the store.
2. Let it melt (in its container) on the counter.
3. Pour the melted base into a stand mixer.
4. Let it whip, and while it's doing that, slowly add in the nitrogen.
5. When is it ready? When it's ready! Look for the same consistency as regular ice cream.

"You can even use liquid nitrogen to clean up after the meal. Sprinkle some on the floor and it collects all of the particles. It's easier than a vacuum.

"Will the goggles kill the mood? Not if your girl is into the sexy-nerd look. Hey, while you're at it, throw on a lab coat with nothing underneath.

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I don’t see as impressive or “cool” you melt ice cream than re-freeze it, wow. If you have to do something like this to impress your date, she won’t be around anyway.
Oh, by the way, this stuff is dangerous. If you had 100 people try this I bet 75 end up in the emergency room. A stove can be dangerous as pointed out, however most people have extensive experience with one.
For the few guys that get away with it many more won’t…. good luck.
I am a physician in an ER, thanks for drumming up the business.
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We did this all of the time in college chemistry. Just make sure you wear heavy gloves. You can also make it with milk, heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar, to taste.
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