Surgically Implantable Bra

Three years ago, Gail blogged about a bra implanted inside human breast tissue to take the place of an external bra. Plastic surgeons have greatly developed this idea since that time. So far, 600 women have undergone the surgery:

Conceived by South African plastic surgeons and currently being performed in Europe, the Internal Bra System is a breast-lift operation that places a mesh-like material inside the breast to support the new shape.

The cone-shaped material, named Breform, is similar to what is used in hernia operations. It's meant to take the strain off the skin, which after a traditional breast lift can begin to stretch and sag in three years, according to The Daily Mail.

"Breform is like a bra cup without the straps," plastic surgeon Dalvi Humzah told The Daily Mail. "Over time, the mesh gets incorporated into the breast as the body produces a fibrous tissue that holds the structure in place - like a permanent bra under the skin."

Link via Glenn Reynolds | Photo: Breform

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@ zavatone

Sorry, but I agree and disagree with Miss Cellania. No straps, yep they're waist-level in a few years. However, bigger than b-cup, straps be damned they're still gonna be in your lap.
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It reminds me of that rape protecting device. If a man tries to touch yer boob, razor-sharp mesh will slice off his fingers.

I can picture the next X-Men movie - Wolverine meets his mammary-enhanced match.
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Yes, because then everyone would just comment on being able to see your nipples. Support and shape are not the only reasons for wearing bras!

Also, I can't see this thing being able to stand up to the power of gravity very well.
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